GoPro CineForm Studio

GoPro CineForm Studio

It allows you to create 3D movies from photo time-lapses
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GoPro Cineform Studio takes footage captured with the 3D HERO System and converts it into viewable 3D files. You can then export the files and watch them on your computer, online at sites like YouTube and on your 2D or 3D TV at home.

Main Features:

- Import 3D HERO System photos and videos and convert to 3D.
- Create 3D movies from photo time-lapses.
- Automatic 3D conversion mode provides simplicity.
- Manual 3D conversion mode provides advanced control.
- Anaglyph (red/blue for 2D TVs, computer, and online viewing).
- Active (for viewing on active shutter 3DTVs).
- Passive (for viewing on polarized 3DTVs).

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